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Salt & Strife is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the early modern period, circa 1700. It is a game about a company of adventurers who fight the villains of the age: 

  • hijack empires & kidnap societies
  • soldiers
  • the vile upper classes
  • and the so-called 'Great Men' who command them

Players are encouraged to smash the statues of traditional heroes of centuries past and erect their own instead.

There are 18 different roles to choose from when creating characters:

  • The sea dog is a salty sailor.
  • The worker makes an honest living helping others.
  • The hunter is a wilderness stalker.
  • The musketeer is a squad fighter.
  • The gunner is a rough brute who uses gangs to inflict terror.
  • The rider chases, flees, and runs down on horseback.
  • The bravo is a flamboyant swashbuckler.
  • The merchant is a moneymaker.
  • The crafter makes things or fixes them.
  • The barber-surgeon cures ailments with amputations, enemas, and poisons.
  • The scholar is a learned type with a touch of the hoity-toities.
  • The priest is a healer of the soul.
  • The stranger doesn’t belong.
  • The beast is a ferocious someone or something.
  • The subversive is an ideologue hell-bent on fighting injustice.
  • The harlot is a subtle social manipulator.
  • The leper is dying.
  • The conjuror uses spirits to do dark deeds, or at least pretends to.

The rulebook includes numerous appendices detailing period-accurate vocabulary, character names, ship names, currencies, ailments, and clothing. There is also accommodation for fantasy settings and other periods from late Medieval to Victorian. 


Salt & Strife.pdf 75 MB
Salt & Strife role sheets.pdf 232 kB
Starting out questionnaire.pdf 23 kB
Fronts sheet.pdf 47 kB

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